THOmanAt The Hangout we have a wide range of graded climbs to accommodate (and challenge) all levels of experience, right from the beginner and through to the expert. With 37 different Top Ropes, we offer over 100 different, regularly changed and graded climbs. For the more experienced we offer the largest lead roof available in WA.

With routes set by the states only national competition qualified route setter and along with our sensational bouldering area for those who want to get strong or work on their technique.

Getting Started

Every day we assist people to discover the excitement and fun of Indoor Rock Climbing for the first time. We ensure that we always have very easy climbing routes available to satisfy children and beginners.

Safety is our biggest priority

One of our friendly staff will guide you through a free detailed safety induction the first time you climb with us …or again in the future if you wish to refresh your safety skills. Our top ropes are equipped with slow-go pulleys, double clip ins, assisted braking devices (GRIGRIs) and climbing gym specific rope to give you the best combination of safety features available. Your safety and enjoyment are very important to us, so we encourage you to ask us for further instruction if you ever feel at all unsure of how to use our safety equipment.

It is important to wear suitable clothing so that you can get the most out of your time climbing. You will need to wear a harness (provided by us), so you should choose to wear either shorts or pants. Unfortunately skirts and dresses just don’t work with harnesses. Clothing made from flexible fabric works well. Most people dress in similar clothing to what they would wear to a fitness gym. We hire out climbing specific shoes for that added advantage, or you are welcome to wear your joggers or any other covered shoes that have a flat sole.

You will need to come with at least one other person if you wish to climb using our top ropes (the most common type of indoor rock climbing). If the person who comes with you chooses to be your belayer (the person who hold the safety rope), but chooses not to climb themselves they will still need to wear a harness (provided for free), read and sign a disclaimer, and undertake a safety induction provided by our staff.

Most beginner climbers prefer to Top Rope, but if you don’t have someone else to climb with you can try Bouldering. This is unroped climbing at lower heights. Bouldering is increasing in popularity around the world and has now become it’s own stand alone sport. The Hangout also offers Lead Climbing, but this is a more skilled type of climbing that can only be undertaken by advanced climbers who have the appropriate skill, knowledge and equipment.

Opening Hours & Bookings


MON – FRI: Open 12noon to 10pm

SAT – SUN: Open 9am to 6pm

* During school holidays we will open at the earlier time of 10am on weekdays.

* Closed: Christmas Day (25th Dec), Boxing Day (26th December) and New Year’s Day (1st January)

* All other public holidays we will open from 10am to 6pm.

* Any variations to our normal opening hours will be listed on facebook (click HERE to view), as well as in the news column to the right of this page.

If just a few of you are coming in there is no need to contact us before hand, you are welcome to simply turn up any time that suits you. You are of course welcome to call us on 9371 9939 if you would like any further information before coming in, or if you would like to reserve a table for a special occasion!

If you are planning to come climbing with a group of 6 or more then we recommend contacting us to make a booking. We can then reserve a table for you and discuss details of your party/event. You can call us on 9371 9939, or email us at . You can find further information (including details of group discounts) at our Groups page.

Are you under 18?

Indoor rock climbing can be enjoyed my many generations of a family. We have climbers aged 3 to 80.  ….and we are looking forward to welcoming climbers with more than 80 years of life experience in the future!

We have a variety for different harnesses for hire, including small full-body harnesses that are designed for the specific needs of small/young children.

If you are under 18 years – you will need to have your disclaimer signed by your parent or guardian. Your parent or guardian can attend with you on your first climbing session, or you can download a disclaimer HERE and have your parent or guardian sign it in advance for you.

Although there is no age limit for climbing, you must be at least 13 years to belay (hold the safety rope for others). This means that if you are under 13 you must bring someone over 13 years of age to belay for you (there is no charge for this person). Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 9371 9939 if you would like further information on this.

Weights Gym Now Available!

The Hangout now has a weights room so that you can enjoy the benefits of weights based strength training. Our gym features high quality weights equipment, as well as items specifically designed to improve grip strength so that you can climb harder.

Our weights room is great value. To use the room it only costs $3 on top of regular casual climbing gym entry. Or if you are so taken with our new facilities that you just want to workout instead of climbing it will cost only $8.

FREE unlimited weights room access is included in any climbing memberships of one month or more!

(see our PRICES page for further information on casual and membership options for climbing gym entry)