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ROKODROMO @ The Hangout
Quality beautifully crafted climbing holds for climbing businesses and individuals. Spanish made Climbing Excellence by Rokodromo. PolyUrethane (PU) climbing holds with super shapes and durability.
You can buy these great climbing holds from our online store or in person at our climbing gym (in Western Australia). FREE POSTAGE ON ORDERS OVER $99 !!
ROKODROMO incorporates holds from several designers including all those in the thumbnail left plus new arrival HITO Holds

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Greengrip creates beautiful and environmentally friendly rock climbing holds, which are crafted in Finland. These holds are strong, lightweight and dirt repellent!
Many of Greengrip’s climbing holds are cast from natural rock, so they have no sharp edges and feel like real rock!
Greengrip have developed their own hold materials which are designed to reduce harmful chemicals in their production and are more environmentally friendly! Greengrip climbing holds are all RECYCLABLE! Click on the Greengrip logo to find out more about these holds (NB: We are very happy to have a number of Greengrip’s glow-in-the-dark climbing holds on our walls at The Hangout!).


The Climbers’ Association of Western Australia (CAWA) is the representative body of climbers in Western Australia. CAWA was formed in 1968 and incorporated in August 1979. CAWA’s purpose is to promote and develop climbing, especially in Western Australia, and protect and promote the interests of climbers in Western Australia. You can find information about becoming a member of CAWA on their website CAWA members receive great discounts to our climbing gym, as well as 5% further off our ProShop prices.


Sports Climbing Australia
Sport Climbing Australia is the sole peak body for climbing in Australia and a member of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. Sport Climbing Australia’s mission is to promote, develop and grow sport climbing for the enjoyment of all. Sport Climbing Australia is a non-governmental non-profit organization.
3 Main Disciplines :: LEAD -BOULDERING – SPEED

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Australian Climbing Team
The Australian Climbing Team: These athletes work very hard to represent Australia on the world climbing stage. We are always proud to see the wonderful accomplishments that Australia’s top climbers achieve.
Places in the Australian Open Climbing team are limited to athletes ranked in the top 5 in their discipline! The Australian Climbing Team also nurtures an extremely talented group of young climbers who form their Youth Team. The Hangout indoor Climbing Centre is proud to support The Australian Climbing Team by providing unlimited access to The Hangout facilities for team members so that they can train here whenever they like!

The International Federation of Sports Climbing: The IFSC is a member of ARISF, SportAccord and IWGA, and is officially recognized by the IOC. The IFSC is an international non-governmental non-profit organization whose main objectives are the direction, regulation, promotion, development and furtherance of climbing competitions around the world. The IFSC fosters links, networks, and friendly relations among its members, their climbers and officials.
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