Quality beautifully crafted climbing holds for climbing businesses and individuals.

Spanish made Climbing Excellence by Rokodromo. PolyUrethane (PU) climbing holds with super shapes and excellent durability.

You can buy these great climbing holds from our online store or in person at our climbing gym (in Western Australia). FREE POSTAGE ON ORDERS OVER $99 !!!


The Hangout has a range of holds and volumes manufactured in the Rokodromo Factory. These include holds by the following Brands:

Rokodromo, Psyco Art Holds, Loop, Dai Holds, The Gecko WorldDISCOUNTSIf you are interested in placing an order of over $3000 of holds, then please email us at gareth@thehangout.com.au so that we can assist you with the best possible discount.

Made from an exclusively formulated Polyurethane specifically designed to increase hold and texture longevity!

Polyurethane is a material that is highly resistant to tension and compression, BUT not all polyurethanes are the same! There are many different formulas available, all made for different purposes, and all with different features, which is why some holds are too rigid and split easily, others prone to surface wearing lose their texture quickly.

Rokodromo holds are made from an exclusive polyurethane formulation designed in collaboration with the largest European polyurethane manufacturer. This formulation was produced to provide technical characteristics specific to those required in an exceptional climbing hold. Rokodromo holds feature prolonged longevity and surface hardness compared to other holds made from traditional polyurethanes or polyester resins with mineral fillers.

Polyurethane RoKodromo technical features compared to other traditional polyurethanes and polyester resin with mineral fillers:

Polyurethane Data

Rokodromo use stainless steel washers in their holds to increase their durability and prevent corrosion!

This is another step by Rokodromo (since 2013) in the quest for complete safety of their holds. Stainless Steel WasherThe use of stainless steel washers increases the durability of climbing holds. It minimizes fixing point wear and prevents corrosion and deterioration that could damage the most important part of a climbing hold. This feature is particularly important when used in climbing gyms due to the potentially corrosive effects of repeated washing of holds with detergents.

All of Rokodromo’s XL and XXL holds feature a DUEL FIXING SYSTEM.  This allows greater hold placement options and prevents hold rotation.

All XL and XXL RoKodromo holds incorporated since 2012 feature this double anchoring system.

Dual Fixing SystemThis enables the user to choose between placing the hold with both the center bolt and one wood-screw (to prevent rotation), or to use only the wood screws.
This system allows you to place hold anywhere in the wall, regardless if there are holes available. It is especially useful in competitions as it allows route setters to place holds exactly spot where they need them.  Even holds that do not feature the Duel Fixing system, will have at least one extra screw hole to prevent holds from spinning. This is critical for safety as well as when setting for competitions so that you can almost completely eliminate the risk of ever getting a spinner!

All of the wood screw holes on Rokodromo manufactured holds are pre-formed so that you will never need to pre-drill a hole again! It is common for many other hold manufacturers to have “dimples” molded into the holds so that you can drill a screw threw them. Setters in a rush often try to force screws threw these dimples without pre-drilling. This is a major cause of holds breaking. Rokodromo holds already have complete screw holes, making it easier to set and less likely for the hold to be damaged.

New Cap System

New Cap SystemCap CompatableRoKodromo have once again shown their constant desire to innovate and revolutionize climbing holds. In conjunction with the design studio PSYCO ART HOLDS, they have developed a system to plug the center hole of their holds, thereby achieving four objectives:

Cap1.-  Avoid climbers using the bolt hole as a grippable part of a hold.

2.- Avoid finger entrapment injuries in the hole.

3.- Also unifies the length of bolts required to fix  most holds, so that a 50mm bolt serves for 95% of all our holds. This is extremely useful when you’re setting so as to avoid having to keep trying with  different length bolts.

4.- By recessing the bolt holes to fit a smaller bolt, it also enables Rokodromo to meet European standards (UNE EN-12572: 3) even on very large holds.  (The standard states that there shouldn’t  be holes between  8-25mm and deeper than 15mm).

The New Cap SystemAll our holds featuring the “CAP COMPATIBLE” logo can be fitted with a cap. The cap is made of rubber, and has a central hole 10 metric that allows the wrench to tighten/loosen and replace the bolt without removing the cap.Cap Compatible Logo

Rokodromo climbing holds comply with European standards UNE EN-12572: 3

Wonderful Colours!

Rokodromo holds come in a fabulous selection of rich colours.COLORS

Fluro CoralWe currently have a select range of large holds and volumes in a unique bright fluorescent coral orange colour.

*Please note that although polyurethane holds can be used outside, they are designed for indoor use. UV radiation from sunlight will fade the colour of all polyurethane holds (not specifically Rokodromo ones). Some manufacturers do offer adding a UV protective coating to holds, however this can be costly and seems to only slow colour fading.


Holds must be installed on a flat well secured surface .
Always use the recommended diameter bolts (M10) and the appropriate length for proper tightening .  Although bolts of diameter M8 will fit into Rokodromo holds, these are not certified.
It is essential to use anti twist screws . This prevents unexpected holds rotations associated hold breakage and accidents.
Holds should be placed in the appropriate place according to their shape . Holds designed for roof or overhangs  are very positive and should not be used on a slab, as it may cause injury to a climber.
Install holds on wood panels with a thickness of 18 -20mm. They should be attached with corresponding certified T-nuts.


Tightening torque central bolt is important for several reasons:
• It must be high enough so that the hold is firmly attached to prevent rotation.
• It should not be excessive as this can cause hold breakage,  or damage anchor points of the climbing structure.
The recommended torque will depend on the size of hold and the length of the bolt.Bolt Torque Table


All Rokodromo Holds, have one or more anti turn wood screw pre-drilled holes.  After fixing the hold with central screw it  is necessary to fix it with at least one of the side screws . This will  completely avoid the possibility of rotation or displacement of the hold during use.
* These secondary anti twist screws should be set carefully, and always finish hand tightening as excessive tightening could damage the hold and/or driver.