• Chris Sharma in Perth!

    The day the world’s most adored and admired rock climbing star came to Perth!

    Chris Sharma is such an admirable ambassador for the sport/lifestyle of climbing. He is humble, down to earth and a good bloke. On Wednesday night Chris described climbing, and his love for it, in a way that we all related to. He loves it for all the same reasons that we do!

    Chris Sharma's Australian TourThe idea of THE GOD OF ROCK Chris Sharma coming to Perth was inconceivable ….or so we thought! When we heard that Chris was coming to Australia we were almost in disbelief. When we heard that his tour was going to include Western Australia we couldn’t contain ourselves.

    Chris Sharma squeezing his "Hangout Hand Rock"!

    Chris Sharma squeezing his “Hangout Hand Rock”!

    On Wednesday 11th Sept 2013 the improbable came true! A few hundred West Australians sat in awe as Chris Sharma spoke about his life as a climber and shared photos and footage of his experiences. Following his talk Chris answered questions for about an hour.  It was wonderful ….but like insatiable kids in a candy store we didn’t want our “Sharma experience” to end, and we could have asked him questions for hours more. Fortunately those with VIP tickets were able to spend a few more hours in his company sipping wine and beer, eating snacks and talking about …..well climbing of course!

    Living legend Chris Sharma (left), chats to WA climber & MC Logan Barber.

    Living legend Chris Sharma (left), chats to WA climber & MC Logan Barber.

    It was wonderful to have a fellow West Australian as MC for the evening.

    Highly accomplished climber Logan Barber did an amazing job at introducing and talking to Chris. I am not quite sure how Logan remained so composed while talking to the most famous rock climber alive in front of an audience! I on the other hand was suddenly shy (which I don’t think has ever happened to me before J ) just shaking Chris’ hand and introducing myself!   I know that it sounds silly to be reduced to quivery knees and mousey voice when just meeting someone …..but I was just so in awe! Climbing is so much more than a “spot of exercise” and a hobby.  It positively influences  your life, your body and the way you look at ANY wall or vertical structure 🙂 ! Climbing takes you to great places, pushes you to be better and stronger, and connects you with a wonderful community of great people. So meeting Chris Sharma was so much more meaningful to me than meeting a famous movie star or performer. I sense that most of the audience was equally as awestruck as I was. Instead of being our usual rowdy selves we all sat quietly grinning from ear to ear, in deep respect and admiration as Chris spoke. Our parents would have been proud of, (and no doubt mystified by), our “best behaviour”!  🙂

    So what do you do when the Chris

    Sharma night comes to an end? You climb! People were so amped about climbing that we basically had no other choice other than to go and open The Hangout for a late night session. At 1.30am when Gareth and I left the gym (still smiling), there were still people climbing :).

    A little bit of lead climbing to go with the bouldering, top-roping and Schmooling!

    A little bit of lead climbing to go with the bouldering, top-roping and Schmooling!

    Thank you to all the guys from Indoor Climbing Productions and Walltopia who brought the biggest legend of climbing to Australia! Thank you Chris for sharing your experiences with us!ICP & Walltopia



    We are proud to use and stock Indoor Climbing Productions products. They are Australian made and awesome!

    Thank you Indoor Climbing Productions and Walltopia!

    Thank you Indoor Climbing Productions and Walltopia!