The Hangout's Spring Party

FRIDAY 5th SEPTEMBER 2014 From 6pm!

Come along to the wind-up for our Winter Bouldering Competition 2014 at The Hangout! We will celebrate our competition achievers, hand out trophies, climb, eat, wear weird attire and have fun! We will also farewell winter and welcome SPRING!

We will put up a new round of bouldering problems just for fun! The more problems you finish the more chance you will have of winning a prize!!!


COME DRESSED INSPIRED BY SPRING!!!! ….wear floral/flowers, or green, or astro-turf, picnic wear …..or just wear springs! 🙂 We can’t wait to see your interpretation of “spring”!

We look forward to seeing you at The Hangout’s SPRING PARTY!!!


WinterBoulderingCompPosterHalfSize (Small)IT’S BACK!!!  The Hangout’s In-House Winter 2014 Bouldering Competition starts on MONDAY 9th JUNE 2014 and RUNS FOR THREE MONTHS!

  • Six fortnightly rounds
  • Six problems per round
  • + bonus problems!
  • Problems will be available on Mondays from 6pm
  • We we keep you updated on facebook!

LikeUsOnFacebookSome rounds will be available earlier than 6pm, so we will let you know when they are up on facebook (just click the image and “like” to stay up to date)

A bouldering Type of Thing!As always, the competition is FREE to enter! Normal climbing entry fees still apply, so you will still need to have a valid membership, or to pay for bouldering entry (or general entry if you want to use the top rope or lead areas on the same day), when you come in. There are no additional fees for joining in the competition ….and there are LOTS OF GREAT PRIZES TO BE WON!    …..Oh and of course we will have a party at the completion of the competition to celebrate and hand out prizes and trophies (and to eat!). The PARTY will be on Friday 5th September 2014!

Is this your first bouldering competition here at The Hangout???? We run an exiting and unique competition format here at The Hangout that allows climbers of all skill levels to get involved. BEGINNERS ARE VERY WELCOME! You can take this competition as casually or as seriously as you like ….and you can make it fit around your other work/life commitments! The competition will features problems that range from easy to “how is that remotely possible!” …so there will be problems for everyone to work on! The more energy you put it to the competition the more you will be rewarded with greater skills and strength!

Every two weeks we will put up a new set of problems ranging in grades. The problems will be tagged with their grade. YOU CAN COME IN ANYTIME YOU LIKE TO DO THE PROBLEMS! …Assuming we are open of course! 🙂  You get points for each problem that you complete, you get more points if you complete it within two weeks, and you get even more points if you do it on the first attempt (called “Flashing” a problem). You then add your own allocated points to the “Climbers Computer” on the back of the main counter. We will also put up a bonus problem on the alternate Mondays! Just like the other problems you can try these when ever you like, but you will only get ONE week (not two) to get extra points for doing it within the allocated time. There is a list of Climbing Competition Guidelines below that will tell you all the details of scoring so that you understand how to complete problems within the comp guidelines and how to add up your points!

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you might have, and don’t forget to enter your scores as you go. (We have a great program that our clever friend Rik made specifically for our bouldering comp!)


Climbing Competition Guidelines


Registration is free and open to everybody! This is a fun based competition, and climbers of all skill and experience levels are welcome to participate. Climbing entry fees still apply (i.e. bouldering entry fees, general climbing entry fees, or memberships). To register simply enter your name into the bouldering competition spread sheet on the climbers computer (located at the back of the counter). You are welcome to try the problems whenever it suits you and as often as you like!


  • New Problems (1 to 6) go up every fortnight; a BONUS problem is added in the alternate weeks. Problems graded 1 are the easiest, and they become progressively harder up to grade 6. The difficulty of the bonus problems is a mystery until they are up :)
  • All problems are SIT STARTS. This means that you are required to start the problem with your bum on the mat.
  • Problems are marked by colour and number of the tags on the holds, NOT by the actual colour of the holds themselves!  ( ….some people find this a little weird to get used to initially, but you will soon get used to it. People with colour blindness also assure us that this is a much easier system for them to use!)
  • Start on the hold with a START tag. Make your way towards the hold with the FINISH tag. You can only put your hands and feet on holds featuring tags of the same number and colour to get there!
  • Completing a start to finish journey without falling off or using incorrect holds is how you successfully complete a problem. Problem are only completed when the climber has executed a CONTROLLED HOLD on the FINISH hold. Slapping or falling off the last hold doesn’t count! You will accrue points for each completed problem based on the scoring system below.
  • You are welcome to use  the edges of the walls and any features unless the problem is marked NO FEATURES.  This will be indicated on the START hold tag of a problem. (Basically you can use any thing made of wood!). Any large “volumes” made of fibreglass/resin etc are not considered part of a climb unless they are tagged as such. These are pretty easy to tell apart from the wooden features, but just ask if you are unsure.
  • If a climbing hold spins or breaks on your FLASH (first attempt at the problem), either get off the problems and try to Flash it again after the hold is fixed, or you may choose to stay on and attempt to complete the climb anyway. If you take the second option and choose to continue the problem and you fall off; your flash is gone!
  • It is no big deal if your foot accidently touches/dabs the matting or another hold SO LONG AS IT NOT ADVANTAGEOUS IN ANY WAY! If your foot touches another hold or the matting it must not be weight bearing at all (and must not be advantageous by reducing the swing of a move by steadying you at all!).


Insert you own scores onto the climber’s computer. Enter your scores in the spread sheet on the tab that corresponds to the correct colour and problem number. The competition is based on honesty! Scoring is awarded as follows:

  • 50 points for completing a problem.
  • 10 EXTRA points for FLASHING a problem (ie completing it on your first attempt).
  • 10 EXTRA points for completing a problem within the “Date Bonus” period of time (indicated at the top of the spread sheets).
  • BONUS problems are scored based on the highest numbered tag/hold that you have a controlled hold on! You are welcome to try the problem as many times as you wish, and if you manage to improve your efforts on subsequent attempts you can upgrade your bonus points on the computer to correspond! Bonus problems are awarded 10 extra “FLASH” points if completed on the first attempt. If you complete the problem within the FIRST WEEK you also earn 10 points for the “date bonus”!  (* Bonus Date points can not be added to the score gained within the first week unless it has been completed within the first week.) 


GOOD LUCK! “May the force be with you!”