The Hangout’s Boulder Competition


Runs for 12 weeks!

Boulder Comp starts 23rd March 2021 and runs for 12 weeks!


  • BOULDER21 is FREE TO ENTER! Please note that general entry fees still apply. (ie: If you don’t have a current paid membership then you will need to pay regular bouldering or climbing entry when you come in, but there is no additional cost to participate it the competition).
  • BOULDER21 is suitable for climbers of all skill levels! Beginners and experienced climbers welcome.
  • BOULDER21 consist of six different rounds of boulder problems spread fortnightly over 12 weeks.
  • Each new set of 6 problems will be available for you at 5pm Tuesdays every fortnight. We will announce the beginning of each round on social media. You can also see when they begin on the Upmost scoring iPad, and on the Upmost app.
  • Problems will be numbered “1” through to “6”. Number “1” problems will be the easiest problems, and they will progress in difficulty with number “6” being the most difficult.
  • The Tuesday after each new round begins there will be a bonus problem. The bonus problems are very long (many moves), and although they begin at an easy level they progress in difficulty throughout the problem.
  • There will be a fun finals night shortly after the 12 week competition has concluded. This night includes free entry, snacks, fun new problems (just for fun), and “finals problems” for the highest scoring three women and men in the comp. We will then hand out trophies and prizes to acknowledge the top performers!



  • Every climbing hold within a problem will be tagged with the same number and colour tag.
  • Every fortnight the tags will be a new colour (so they are distinguishable from other previous rounds).
  • Start each problem in a sitting position with two hands on the hold marked with a “START” tag.
  • Only place feet and hands on holds that are marked with the same colour and number on the tags.
  • You will have completed the problem if you can reach the hold tagged “FINISH”. You must hold or touch this in a “controlled manner” for TWO SECONDS with BOTH HANDS!
  • Your first attempt begins when you first pull your weight onto the start hold.
  • Your feet should not be touching the floor/mats when you begin, and they should not touch the mats or any other holds (other than ones in the problem) until you reach the finish hold.
  • You are welcome to touch any part of the walls with any part of your body (including feet).
  • All edges and features such as volumes are included in a problem unless mentioned otherwise. A start tag will have notes saying “NO EDGES” or “NO FEATURES” if they are not considered part of the problem.


  • You can score yourself on the iPad near the front counter.
  • Simply enter your details as a competitor the first time you use it, and then add your scores when you accrue points by completing problems.
  • If you download the UpMost app to your mobile phone you can keep track of everyone’s scores at anytime!
  • For every comp problem (numbered “1” through to “6”), that you complete you earn 50 POINTS! This is regardless of the difficulty of the problem.
  • If you complete any problem on the first attempt, you earn a further 10 POINTS as a FLASH BONUS!
  • If you complete a problem within the first two weeks that it is available, you will also earn 10 POINTS as a DATE BONUS!
  • It is possible to accrue a DATE BONUS and a FLASH BONUSH, or one or these, none of these, or both of these 😊


  • Every other week there will be a BONUS PROBLEM.
  • Every hold in the problem will be marked with a BONUS TAG.
  • Bonus problems tend to be very long and increase in difficulty as they progress.
  • Tags will indicate how many points each old is worth.
  • Not all holds will accrue points (some will just say “Bonus”, and wont refer to points).
  • Your scored points are based of the last hold that you hold!
  • You can try a bonus problem as many times as you wish, and you simply score yourself on the highest scoring hold that you reach in any of your attempts.
  • If you can complete an entire bonus problem on the first attempt, you can ADD A FLASH BONUS of 10 points to the finish hold points!
  • If you complete a bonus problem within the first week it is up you earn a DATE BONUS!
  • … if you flash a bonus problem within the first week, you get the Bonus Problem Points, as well as 10 points for the “flash” and 10 points for the date bonus!

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