The Double Trouble Bouldering & Setting Competition was held at The Hangout over the weekend of the 7th & 8th February 2015.

This was a new style of competition in Western Australia. A select group of 10 experienced setters competed on the Saturday Night to produce the best problems they could. The following morning boulderers would battle it out to climb as many of these problems as they could.

Setters were given a time limit of 4 hours on Saturday night, and were required to set 3 problems each. Setters were advised as to what grade of difficulty they should make their problems.

On Sunday morning the bouldering competitors were given 3 hours to complete as many problems as they could. All problems carried different amount of points based on their difficulty. An extra point was awarded for each problem that was flashed (ie: completed on the climber’s first attempt). Unlike “pump fest” style competitions were only the top 10 problems goes towards the competitors score, ALL completed problems went to the final score!

Bouldering competitors were also asked to score each completed problem on the quality of the problem itself (ie: to score the setters performance).

Climbing competitors paid an entry fee, and 100% of this money went back to the top placing climbers as prize money. The Hangout also donated prizes to the rest of the competitors to congratulate them all on their efforts. The Hangout provided cash prizes to all of the setters awarded on the quality of their problems as judged by the climbers.


Both setters and boulderers all performed exceptionally well.

We had a “Super Final” problem lying in wait, in case any of the top placing competitors “tied”! All of the climbers achieved different scores, so the super final wasn’t required …..though I am sure it will make a challenging problem for boulderers over the following weeks! 🙂

All of the results are as follows:



Thank you to all of our wonderful guest setters:

Katie Norris, Glen “Mushy” Ludlam, Jean-Marc Gething, Brian Poh, Tom Coughlan, Leah Herbert, Brian Tan, Remi Vignals, Claire Girdlestone and Jay Girdlestone.

All of the setters produced creative and enjoyable problems demonstrating their extensive setting experience and skill.

Thank you also to all of the climbing competitors, who all dug deep to climb hard for 3 continuous hours!