• Gifts for Climbers!

    Looking for the perfect climbing gift?

    The Hangout is bursting with climbing gear! We have a HUGE range of climbing equipment that is suitable for Outdoor Rock Climbing, Indoor Rock Climbing and Bouldering!

    The Hangout sells CLIMBING HARNESSES, CLIMBING SHOES, CLIMBING ROPES, BOULDER PADS, TRAD CLIMBING GEAR, SPORTS CLIMBING GEAR, CHALK BAGS, HELMETS, BELAY DEVICES …..and sooooo much more! Pretty much so everything that you might need to climb indoors or outdoors!  We even sell CLIMBING HOLDS and TRAINING EQUIPMENT!

    All of our climbing equipment is available in-store at The Hangout or from our online proshop. Everything that we sell online is actually here in stock, so you won’t be left waiting long for your new goodies!








    Here are just a few great gift ideas for yourself or someone else:

    VOUCHERS! You can buy a voucher for a climbing entry and equipment hire, a membership, climbing gear, or simply just for a monetary amount! Vouchers are great if you are not sure what gift to buy or if you are unsure of what size climbing shoes or harness will fit someone?

    Gift Voucher







    Our most popular vouchers are for CLIMBING ENTRY WITH THE LOT, but we also sell a lot for different MEMBERSHIP lengths (from one month up to 12 months). Monetary amounts such as FIFTY DOLLARS are also very popular and can be spent on anything that the bearer chooses. Just like everything else in our pro-shop, vouchers can be ordered online or bought at our front desk. If you order VOUCHERS ONLINE we can either post them or email them  …just leave a note at checkout if you would prefer them emailed.


    We have lots of climbing shoes on sale! Some are at well below half price!

    Red Chili Matador NOW 43% OFF RRP!











    No more sore “Belayers Neck”. These Belay glasses stop you from having to look up to see your climber!  Don’t pay over $100 for belay glasses when you can get them at The Hangout for only $34.95.

    Belay Glasses

    Belay Glasses ONLY $34.95 Don’t pay over $100










    We have a huge range of climbing helmets starting from just $49.95.

    Climbing Helmet Bargain

    Climbing Helmets from only $49.95