Memberships are a great way to save money. They allow you to climb here as often as you like without paying for your entry each time you come. All members are entitled to full use of weights room at no extra charge.

If on average you come once a week, you will save with our 6 or 12 months memberships. If you come on average twice a week or more all  of our memberships will garner you with great savings.

If once a week or less is your preferred visit rate, a ten visit pass which has no expiry, will save you 10% (pay for 9 get 10).

You can give a climbing membership as a gift! You can purchase a voucher for a membership from our front counter, or from our online pro-shop HERE.

(Belayers Get FREE* Harness Hire)
1 Month (Entry Only)
1 Month (With Harness Hire)
1 Month (Entry With The Lot)
3 Months (Entry Only)
6 Months (Entry Only)
12 Months (Entry Only)
10 Visit Pass (Entry Only)
10 Visit Pass (With Harness Hire)
10 Visit Pass (With The Lot)


Prices valid as of 8th July 2019